Deli Charcuterie’s Turkey product range combines imported sliced value turkey and hand-made on the premises finest quality UKOK turkey. Our UKOK turkey range is guaranteed sourced from our local supplier. These Turkeys are Red Tractor approved and able to wander in and out of their barn as they see fit. You can buy our Turkey as sliced, half or whole joints. All nutritional information is listed on our turkey products. The types we sell are UKOK Kent cooked turkey, Voly Turkey and our standard plain turkey.

If you are watching the pennies the continental sourced standard turkey lines will impress. Consistent quality and versatile, the standard product is perfect for sandwiches, salads and buffet use. Turkey is perfect if you are looking for a healthier option with lower fat levels than other cooked meats. As with all our meats, we can trace all of it to its farm source. Our finest UKOK product comes ONLY from one farm in Essex.

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