By Origin

At Deli-charcuterie, we recognise that the origin of food is becoming more and more important to those that really care about their diet. It’s great news for us because we really care about it too. We have spent over 30 years establishing links with quality suppliers who look after the products they make and aim for the highest possible standards in their manufacturing processes. We do the same, and put a huge amount of effort into making our products the very best that they can be. All of that effort is wasted if we don’t put the same level of effort into the raw materials we use. It’s part of our nature to ensure that we know where our products come from.

If we need to, we can trace all our batches of product back to the farms where the animals were raised. If you feel strongly about the origins of your foods, this section allows you to make informed choices about the products you want to use. If you are looking for something very specific, or you want more information about our sourcing and traceability systems, give us a call (01634 861749) or send us an email ( and we will answer your questions in more detail.  

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